Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sad But True

You thought I was kidding when I said I was brain dead. In this lapse of better judgement, I got a puppy.

I didn't even pick a color that is easy to photograph. Today is his second day with us. Hopefully, I will come up with a name soon. Right now, we have these suggestions from friends, family, and grandkids. Feel free to make a suggestion.

BlackJack (staff at the clinic suggestion)
Meatball (which is what a grandchild was having for dinner at the time)
Floppy (because Barry says his ears are too wide apart and a grandchild went with that)
Bruno (Cinderella's dog-another grandchild suggestion)
Pain in the neck (Bingo's suggestion)


  1. Charlie sounds cute to me. And yes you are brain dead. But they are so hard to resist.

  2. He looks like a Sparky or a Barney to me.

  3. Oh no! I was going to give you Ollie! Too late now. He's adorable. Looks like a Louis to me!

  4. You've got a Bingo now you need Keno.

  5. Or Blackjack since that is also a game where you win (or lose money) and he's black. You could call him Jack.

  6. we had a basset hound named Floppy when I was a little girl. His ears touched the ground. Memories.....