Wednesday, September 21, 2011

U ARS Kidding Me

By now, everyone has heard about the UARS Satellite.

I happened to hear about it from a newscaster that couldn't stop being cheery and smiley about it. You would have thought a lost puppy was returning home.

This whole thing concerns me.
NASA says the satellite is six and a half tons but they expect most of it to burn up upon reentry, leaving about 1,200 pounds of metal coming toward Earth. Experts expect the satellite to break up into twenty six different chunks, with the biggest chunk being around 250 pounds of titanium, aluminum and steel. It’s expected to land somewhere from the tip of Canada to the southern tip of South America. The debris field is said to be 500 miles. A NASA spokesman says the odds of it landing over a populated area are “very, very small.”

I am so glad they have narrowed it down to somewhere from the tip of Canada to the southern tip of South America. I may not be the smartest cookie in the jar, but doesn't that include us? I even looked up the population of every country in North and South America. URAS will have to search hard to find an unpopulated area.

You can track the satellite here.
Satellite Tracking

I wonder if my insurance covers satellite fallout?

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  1. As your insurance agent I can tell you
    A. you are covered
    B. you have nothing to worry about, lol.

  2. Quick, grab Ducky Lucky and run for cover!