Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Turtles Hatching

I wanted to wait until I got home to post about the turtles hatching. I happened to find a video from Akumal that will give you an idea of the birth.

Around 10:30, the guard at our property came and told us turtles were hatching. There were two babies that had pushed through and were resting after all their hard work. We waited for about two hours and saw something like this

Turtle Hatching Video
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  1. Very cool. I didn't know you were in Akumal on your trip. I was there in the early 80's before it was developed, and the dive operation was pretty primitive. Rusty and Randi were there, too. Is that where the weddding was last year? Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. That is amazing!! Jacob & I think they look like Lucy crawling.

  3. Lol, they really do look like Lucy. I think you said that, didn't you, Mom?

  4. Yes, I did Michelle. Good listening. Joanie just wasn't here.