Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Real Cowgirls Play Golf

Tuesday and Wednesday was the annual Nutty Buddy (member/member) Golf Tournament at Walnut Creek Country Club. This is always a fun tournament, but this year was really good. A western theme, good weather, and good food helped.  Playing some satisfactory golf made it more fun. I actually only played decent on Tuesday. But, my partner, Linda H-J, kept us in second place all day, Wednesday. The secret to a good tournament is to have a good partner. You may quote me.

We had some famous cowboys and cowgirls show up. 

A special shout out or should I say "YaHoo" to Barry. He helped me by going to Costco not once, but twice to pick up photographs for Wednesday's luncheon. You might ask why he had to go back, but I am not answering that. It falls under the category of senile-ism. (and I am referring to myself with that made up word) However, it was fortunate for Costco, because Barry helped the employees round up runaway carts before the main storm hit. 

Then, he was the only man at the Tuesday night party to ride the bull.

Not bad for a city slicker, is it? 
Oh yeah, Linda and I came in second in our flight. YaHoo.


  1. I am laughing so hard at that picture of Dad right now! Your term senile-ism is already a word...don't you remember??

    Just kidding! It's just fun to mess with people who have senile-ism.

  2. At least this time I can say I didn't know it was a real word, from now on I will just have to admit I forgot!