Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Farmer's Market

I Liked  Historical Mansfield on Facebook which is a kind of love/hate relationship for me. I like it, because they keep me abreast of the going-ons in Mansfield. But, they post a LOT.

Nonetheless, they did have a post reminding people that the Farmer's Market opened for the season in Mansfield on Saturday. One of the vendors is a young couple in Rendon that are selling the items they grow. With a friend they sold squash, fresh garlic, onions, eggs, and some herbs.

They have a blog called Not only did I buy some of their items, I am now filling a little bin they gave me with compost items. I feel so earthy and green. Saturday, I will return the bin to them, so they can use it to grow me more vegetables.

I encourage you to go by the Mansfield Farmer's Market on Saturdays, but leave some fruit and vegetables for us!


  1. Looks like you got some nice and fresh goods there! There is a Farmer's Market on Saturdays right by my house, in the Adeilweiss parking lot. But, I haven't made it there, yet.

  2. I feel healthier already. Liked the mix of color. Can't decide whether to cook the eggs or incubate them. I know we just moved recently but I can see a farm in our future.

  3. You are so green to by local & compost. I really want to compost, Jacob not so much. Just by taking our recycling we have less than half the trash as before. Maybe I should move to Austin. :)

  4. I am just keeping the compost in a plastic tub and giving it back to the vegetable growers. I really don't want a compost bin in my yard.