Friday, May 6, 2011

Jacob Had a Birthday, Too

Monday was our son-in-law, Jacob's birthday. Jacob is an attorney in Houston, and I know he thinks he has married into a looneytoon family.

Once when all the family was in Mexico, Barry and Jacob decided to "escape" the rest of the family and go sightseeing. My words, not theirs.

They chose X-Caret. That should tell you something about our family vacations. They spent the day with thousands of strangers rather than their eight other family members.

However, the fickle finger of fate has a funny way of turning the tables. At lunch, Barry nor Jacob wanted an alcoholic drink, so the waiter suggested a fruit drink. That sounded good, and they ordered it. They each received this drink,

and if I remember correctly there was a musical serenade included. Happy Birthday, Jacob!

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