Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation Day, Missed Photo OPPs, and A Bit of Advice

Thursday, my grandson, Ben, graduated from kindergarten. He had a great teacher and a wonderful first year of school.

I made a grandmother faux paux. The battery in my camera died. So I only got two pictures and one of those was not good.

Ben was chosen along with these six children to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

When Brett found out my battery was dead, he looked at me and said, "That's such a Dad move."
Shannon said, "Why do you think we asked you to come? You have the good camera".
Cue music from the Lion King- And can you feel the love tonight?

We have been victims of dead batteries before. However, Barry does have some classic photography and filming stories. One of his classic moves was to finish recording with the camcorder, put the lens cap on, set it down, and leave it recording. We have lots of footage with that effect. 

But, my favorite story (while I am sure I didn't laugh about it at the time) was during one of Joanie's elementary school programs. You know the ones where your child is squeezed on the risers with the 197 other children that never have a speaking or main part? ( No, I'm not bitter, that I went to umpteen elementary programs over the course of twelve consecutive years to watch some other person's child perform. Why do you ask?)

I was watching Joanie sing in the chorus. When I looked over at Barry, he was recording the opposite side of the risers. Not to talk over the singing and be on the recording, I waited until the end, then asked, "Who were you recording?" 
He looked at me and answered, "Joanie." 
I pointed to the complete other side of the risers and said, "Joanie is over there."

Yes, Barry had recorded the wrong child.  But, in his defense, unless your child has a solo and you obviously can't get a good view of them on the risers, I don't know if recording the event for posterity is warranted. Just sit in your little cafeteria chair and enjoy the show!


  1. Then there are the family occasions where I've thought "I won't take my camera because everyone else will have theirs and will share pictures." Of course that is when NO ONE else brings a camera.

  2. Hey, I still watch that video all the time. It is one of my favorites!