Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Not a Stick

Due to many factors, the main one being procrastination, the planting of the Plumeria was a little late this year. Here it is on day one. As I was out this morning watering it, a friendly golfer asked me why I was watering a stick. Every year there is much discussion on whether the Plumeria is really dead. (Pretty much, everyone but me thinks it is dead)

Jacob's parents gave me the plant a few years ago. It is always so satisfying when the leaves appear, because it does look like a stick. The plant was growing all cattywampus, so I broke off a few pieces and planted them in other areas. There are all kinds of directions on how to root the pieces. I even saw the highly recommended Root Boost at Ace Hardware There are recommended soils, but I went with the "just stick them in the ground" method.

 Is cattywampus a real word? If so, how do you spell it?
Here's hoping the Plumeria survives another.


  1. Do you have a hunting license for that 4 pointer?

  2. Did you know the lady asking you about watering a stick? That is funny. They will all be jealous when it blooms and looks & smells beautiful!