Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lizard Hunters

I am sitting here icing my gluteus maximus. I did something to it in yoga today. I wasn't doing anything fancy or different, just felt something very different.

My son, Brett, and his son, Ben, love to catch lizards. Actually, I think my daughter in law, Shannon, catches as many or more lizards than they do. While I am all for Ben having a lizard, we have a problem.

Since we have moved, I have a lizard. However, my lizard lives free. (cue the theme to "Born Free") He sits outside my office window and enjoys the southern exposure. However, I just recently found out that Brett and Ben have already tried to catch him.

He is mine. I love you, Ben, but you have your own lizards. So I am putting it out there in cyberspace, with all my loyal readers as witnesses, THEY ALL HAVE TO KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF MY LIZARD. If anything happens to my lizard, heads will roll. See how serious I am?

Please support me in the Save the BrierPatch Lizard campaign.

1 comment:

  1. Well, this is good to know! He's cute, so I understand why you want him for yourself. :)