Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a Little Camera Play

I decided to photograph the sunrise this morning. However, it was cloudy, so I didn't really get a good shot.
Here is the shot I did get. It looks a little ominous. So I took a photo of this Sky-
Sky, the cat.
Then, later I found these photos on my camera:
I wonder who took those? That same photographer also took a picture of me and it was really scary. I did not post it. You can thank me later. This camera is way too sharp. I am in dire need of  better make-up, surgery, or both. 

Later in the afternoon, the home owner's insurance sent a garage door company by to fix one of our doors. It seems that the chlorine that had been stored in the cart garage prior to our move in, had destroyed parts of the garage door. Of course, it did not break until after we took possession of the house. The repair man was very professional and went to work to fix the door. I just happened to go out front while he was working and saw his company truck. Luckily, my camera was close by.

I would have to say, I don't know that I would have ever called this company had I seen this truck driving down the road.


  1. Jan, you are too funny!!
    I love your blog and am envious of your new camera.
    I especially love the pictures of your/our grandchildren.

  2. That truck is too funny! Glad you got your new camera. In response to your other post, I like the drawings and competitions. You must continue to do both!

  3. That guy with the crazy truck paint job did a great job on the garage door. I'm enjoying this home owner's warranty... The camera is great. Can't wait to see your future pictures... I think you need some sponsors before you start more give aways. Love, B