Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guess What

The Pioneer Woman gave this camera away yesterday. This is the camera that will be delivered to me today. I entered the contest, not to be greedy, but to give it away. AND...I did not win. Wouldn't it be fun to give away great items like that camera?

I do feel the need for a giveaway. I need suggestions on what kind of
things readers would like to receive. Keep in mind, there is usually a $10.00 and under limit. Would you like a contest, a random drawing, or a mixture of both? I am here to please.

If I ever become a famous blogger, publish a cookbook, or a novel, I will up the prizes on giveaways!


  1. (if I get another "503 service unavailable" when I try to post this I'm going to go sit in a corner and pout!)

    How about a gift card to Starbucks or Bath & Body Works, or Target or a know, somewhere you can actually get something for $10 without spending more if you don't want to?

    And I saw drawing, because your contests are HARD! :)

    p.s. Keep on the lookout for my first ever blog giveaway. I'm thinking I'll do it next week to celebrate my second Etsy-versary.