Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Cart Garage Frog of Danbury Dr.

Friday morning, Barry came into the bedroom carrying a three-legged frog. He wanted to show it to me before he put it in the pond. Apparently, one of the cats had gotten it and left it in the cart garage. The frog was still alive, but Barry felt it should go back to the pond. If it didn't survive, at least, it could be a meal for another animal. The food chain, you know. Since I was barely awake, I did not get a photo of the three-legged frog. The frog swam away, so maybe I will see it again and get a photo another time. A photo of it alive, swimming, happy, and adjusting to life with three legs.

Today, Miles and Michelle came by for a visit. Barry wanted Michelle to look at something in the cart garage and when she opened the door, this is what she found.

While this is not our little three-legged friend, it must be a relative of his. He was just swimming in the cats' bowl of water. But from whence did he come? This morning, I had actually noticed that the cats' water had unusual dirt in it. I cleaned it out, so I am thinking this frog had already been in there swimming.

Barry was putting on his shoes, so he told me to take it to the pond. Michelle and I set him free, but he didn't really seem grateful. I think he was enjoying his little bowl of water that some lady cleaned out for him when it got messy.

Just in case you are wondering, Barry wanted Michelle to see this big push cart he had bought at a garage sale around the corner. I don't even know when he slipped off and went to the garage sale. He loves a good deal.

As of now all frogs are where they should be, I think. The push cart is going to the clinic, and I am off to give my sink an extra dose of Clorox.

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  1. That is a brave frog! 2 cats & a dog that would love to catch him.