Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Lost Post

First, let me admit that the lost post from a few days ago was lost due to user error. I don't want any of Steve Jobs technology to take the blame for it. I actually just pushed the wrong button.

Although it was not a riveting post (which Barry tells me is a horrible way to start a story or joke), I am going to post it again.

We were in Las Vegas for The Western State Veterinary Convention. Barry attended meetings, and I participated in fun activities. First was a wine tasting at a store called Total Wine. This is a huge store that will be opening in Texas soon.

They held a tasting of Napa Valley wines for us.

The next day Wolfgang Puck invited me to a cooking class.

Okay, he didn't actually personally invite me. But, his chefs at Trattoria del Lupo held a cooking class for us. They are so kind and a lot of fun.

First, Executive Chef, Eduardo Perez showed us how to make several different risottos.

The mushroom and truffle risotto was my favorite.

Next, Pastry Chef, Kenneth Magana showed us how to make a pastry cream base to use in desserts of all kinds.

Next, we made our own pizza with instructions from the pizza chef.

After we tried all that food, they fed us a private lunch. Basically, I ate from 11:00am to 3:00pm that day. Dinner was not necessary. Nap time was.

Also, it just so happened there was a big photography convention in Vegas during this time. Me Ra Koh was kind enough tell me where to get a free trade show pass.  I was able to hear some photographers speak and watch a few of them work.

Me Ra was there. (she is a Sony Artisan). When she finished her session, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer used her as his model. I felt like this whole session ended up being quite comical.

If you have ever seen Me Ra on Nate Berkus or read her blog, you know that she doesn't take a zillion shots of the same thing. If she feels like she has a good shot, she moves on. She also uses natural lighting when at all possible. This man had someone holding lights for him and special lighting on his camera. Trust me, I am not critiquing his photographic ability. Every shot he took was great, but I couldn't help think that Me Ra just wanted to say, "that's enough." He must have taken over three hundred shots of her posing.  Here's a shot I took of her with my iPhone during the session.

I bet that impressed the Pulitzer Prize photographer!

Barry and I took time this trip to go to the aquarium at the hotel.

I don't know why I took a photograph of the Komodo dragon, because frankly, they just give me the willies. I don't think they should be allowed in this country. They could eat you.

We went on to the fish tanks. However, I did not think that the Komodo dragon area looked secure, so I kept an eye out for him. In case you haven't guessed, I am afraid of Komodo dragons. Strange, huh?

Here is proof that Barry was there. He is much cuter than the rays, fish, or Komodo dragon.

One of the best exhibits was of jellyfish. They were beautiful and interesting to watch. I just couldn't get a great photograph. Trust me, I tried.

Jan's photo

Then, Barry walked up and took a super photograph with his iPhone.  He captured it perfectly.

Barry's photo

That is frustrating!  I will forgive him for showing me up, because, I have this photo of him in his freebie sunglasses from Worthington Bank. He loves them, but I wouldn't let him wear them in public. 

But, I have really flat hair in Vegas. I don't know which is worse.


  1. You know, the only time I went to Las Vegas, my hair was flat, too. Although it might have had something to do with the fact that it was July, 117 degrees and we kept walking through all the sidewalk misters just to keep from turning into sizzling bacon people.

  2. Those are some good pictures from the cooking class!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. I love risotto!