Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I should have written this post 3 weeks ago, but I wasn’t writing about TV again at that point so I didn’t, but here it goes.  You should be watching Survivor, it’s only 2 weeks into the season and the third episode airs tonight, so don’t miss out (you can catch up online as well).  In my opinion it is hands down the best reality show on TV.  It has been on since 2000 and in that time it has had 24 season.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I have watched every single one of them.
The reason you should watch Survivor is that it is the only show out there when you can see real human emotion.  True the cameras are rolling all the time and I’m sure that the contestants are aware of that, but as the days go on the show becomes more real.  These people are forced to compete in harsh conditions with little sleep, little water, less food, poorly built shelters and a $1,000,000 prize dangling in front of their nose.  
If you’ve never watched Survivor the premise is pretty simple.  24 people are sent to a remote location with only the clothes on their back and are divided into two tribes.  Once divided they must build a shelter and a fire, find food and clean water.  Each episode the tribes take part in one or two challenges, sometimes a reward challenge and always an immunity challenge.  The losing tribe of the immunity challenge must go to Tribal Council and vote one of their members off.  Eventually the two tribes will merge and then it all becomes about individual immunity.  At that point people are eliminated until one person is left and wins that prize.  
The reason I’m writing about this show, 24 seasons in is that despite being on for that long it remains fresh and exciting season after season.  It’s great to watch what the possibility of $1,000,000 does to a person.  Do yourself a favor and watch Survivor, you will become hooked in no time.
Not much new this week but I am really loving this season of Justified.  It just might be my favorite show that is on right now.  We are three seasons in, and if you haven’t been watching I don’t know that you could just jump right in and pick up on what’s going on, but take my advice and add season’s 1 and 2 to your Netflix queue.  You will be happy you did.

From jan- A few of you have sent me or commented about your favorite shows. I will make sure Joe gets the list.  If anyone else has a list email me or list it in the comments.

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