Monday, February 27, 2012

A Bigger and Better Birthday

Today is a special birthday for me. Barry wanted to get me something really outstanding. Although he could care less about cars, all my family knows that I love them. The sportier the better. My dream car was always this corvette.

But, no one really needs a corvette, especially when they are raising a family. 
When our last child was leaving for college several years ago, I decided to go to the dealership and check the corvettes out.
The snotty salesman told me in no uncertain terms that this was not a car to (and he strongly implied the term "old lady") drive to the grocery store. 

Well, guess what snotty salesman?

This corvette is going to the grocery store with an even older lady driving it!

Barry totally surprised me with the car of my dreams. What a guy!


  1. Cute cute picture! Happy birthday.

  2. That is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. Happy belated birthday! You were vague about the actual date when you posted last year, so I made a note that it was sometime this week, but I missed it!

    Just wait until that Fred comes home and I show him what you got for your big birthday.....

  3. You will definitely turn some heads with that one! Wow! I have one too ya know, but it hasn't left the driveway in years! Way to go, Barry!