Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bank On It-

I went into the bank today to handle a transaction. I admit, I am probably one of the worse when it comes to just using the Internet or the drive- thru for banking.

Oh my. How banks have changed. I am losing my faith in you banks.

I know that must sound like a weird statement, or maybe just an old person statement. You must realize from whence I come. My father was a banker. He was in the banking business for 40+ years and retired early because it was changing. So, it is not like I am just realizing banks have changed, but I still can't wrap my head around the banking business of today.

First of all, Barry and I have had an account with this bank for a long, long time. Yet, when I went into the bank today to handle this transaction, we apparently had no signature card on file. No one could tell me what happened to the original signature cards. Of course, there wasn't anyone there that could have possibly been born when we signed those signature cards. Actually, Barry was on the check signature card-not me. Neither of us were on the savings signature card. I am now on the checking and savings account, but not Barry. Hey Barry! Are you worried?

In my father's day, everyone would have had a banker that knew who they were by sight. He would have been monitoring any unusual activity on their account daily. I know this, because my checking account was one that my dad monitored, and he was always very upset when I was overdrawn. Names of overdrawn accounts were read aloud at the morning meetings. Unfortunately, that was frequently, until he told me he would close my account. My dad did not make threats, he just told me what would happen and did it. But, really, everyone's accounts were watched by their banker. There was a daily transaction sheet that they reviewed.

Bankers knew their clients and their needs. I remember stopping by to visit my dad after school one day and a customer of his was asking for a $25.00 loan. His family was going on vacation, and he had saved all the money for the trip, except for that $25.00. I never took a dollar needed by hard working people for granted again after that.

I don't really think there was a problem with identity fraud back then, because your banker knew you.  The two young ( I really want to call them little, but it is not their fault they are young and inexperienced) were professional in their 2012 way. They, at least, didn't say "no problem" to me like the last time I spoke to someone at the bank. They did ask for ID, but come on, is that really safe? I had a whole billfold of ID. Get my drift?

I have always just wanted to keep my money in my sock drawer. I did that when I was young. It was not only handy, I felt it was very safe. Please banks, do something to instill my faith in you again. I actually don't have that many socks anymore.


  1. you should move your stuff to Worthington. They know me when I walk in and keep a close eye on my accounts.

  2. I am glad I never overdrew my account or got threats from my dad. You're bad!