Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wiley Coyote

These are my dogs. 

This is the coyote that wants to eat my dogs. 

Because of the coyote (or should I say coyotes), my perfect plan on training, Magic, the puppy has been foiled. We have a doggie door that goes into a little garage and out to the backyard. The dogs can either go in and out from the house through the little garage or if need be, they can stay in the little garage and still go into the backyard.

However, the coyotes have been very active around here. We are seeing them every morning and a dog in the neighborhood has recently been killed. Barry saw a coyote run past the yard around 10:00am last week. Now, one of us has to be outside whenever the dogs are out.

This is a real dilemma for me. Personally, I want the coyotes to live a happy life, but I want them to eat rodents, snakes, rabbits, and the creatures they should be eating. How about a squirrel, Mr Coyote? Too fast for you? They have decided to go for the easy drive-through food like dogs and cats.

They other part about this situation is that I have known all along there were coyotes around. However, I figured if I couldn't see them, they couldn't see my dogs. How do I know when it is safe to let them run in and out during the day? How do I know they will survive their walks with Barry "watching" them?

At this point, during the day, I am counting on the golfers to keep the coyotes at bay. But I don't think the coyotes are afraid of the golfers. They know that golfers only care about what kind of shot they hit, where their ball is, and what club they used or should have used.

My next line of defense is to get those coyotes something better to chase.


  1. Oh no! Better safe than sorry, but that stinks that your doggies are being held hostage in the house.