Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Crooked Christmas Tree

As I passed by a mirror, I caught this reflection and grabbed my camera.

That's our tree. You may notice. It is crooked at the top. The mirror is convex, but I think the tree is a little crooked too. It always has been, although Barry will deny that fact. It gives it character.

PS- The GFCI was located.


  1. The tree is not crooked, it is an optical illusion. Does anyone other than me think that previous story about having to put each bulb on individually sounds a little bit like walking to school,in the snow, up hill, both ways? You get the message. Maybe the blogger is a little "too nostalgic".

  2. I think a little crookedness is charming, as I struggle and have never been able to set a tree up straight.

    I do agree with installing each individual light bulb as a stretch, but do remember the pain in the butt in locating the bad bulb to get the whole string working.

    As I get older and memory fades, nostalgia is a good thing :)