Monday, December 26, 2011

The Evening Christmas Died

First, let me say, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Ours was filled with family, love, and laughter. There were also the anticipated meltdowns, tears, little sleep, and a tragic glitter nail polish incident. It was a perfectly, fabulous family time. ( I mean that, that is not sarcasm)
Now back to the titled story.
It was the evening of our Children’s Playhouse tickets at Casa Mañana. I had changed our tickets and purchased extra, so Ava and Joanie could go with us to see Santa Claus, The Musical.  I didn’t see the reviews of the show, but since we had attended Christmas shows at Casa many, many times, I assumed that the show would consist of children, reindeer, elves, and, of course, Santa. I, also, assumed that these characters would be portrayed in a fun, happy,  setting.
Ben, Scarlett, and Ava arrived dressed to impress Santa, full of good cheer, and ready to spend a special evening together. 

We gathered in our seats. Scarlett and Ava held hands, and they were just too cute. 
I perused the playbill and became concerned when I read through the musical numbers. Some of the Christmas classics in this show were:
The Fate of Man
Differently Now
Burn, Burn, Burn
Misery Loves Company
Lock Up the Houses
When the World Turns Cold
Then the play begin. It was downhill from there. It was a bizarre story that little children could not follow, scary, and just the worst play ever. (this makes two in a row). I just don’t know who is in charge at the theater and why they think a theater full of little children would enjoy such a production. (or anyone for that matter)
Scarlett ate her playbill, 

Ava just held her playbill over her face, and, Ben, sweetly told me “Maybe it will get better.” when I asked Joanie if we should leave.
Unfortunately the play didn’t get better. I just wanted to stand up and yell, “Does anyone else think this is the worst Christmas show you have ever seen?” I couldn’t believe people applauded. 

We would have walked out, but Joanie, Ben, and I kept up hope that the Christmas spirit would come through and, the play would get better. It didn't.
In an effort to bring joy back in my grand children's’ life, I bought them Rudolph noses. 

That turned out to be a good move as Joanie and I had a good laugh on the way home.

The children probably had nightmares.

Shame on you, Casa Mañana.


  1. How sad! Maybe it's time to look for another venue for the family Christmas play.

    Good call on the reindeer noses, Jamma!

  2. The reindeer noses were too cute!!

  3. I think a strongly worded e-mail is in order.