Saturday, January 22, 2011

Satellite Sisters and Their Stalkers, I Mean Fans

Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan, Becky, & Jan

This past Thursday, Becky F. and I went to Dallas to meet author, Lian Dolan. Lian is also one of the Satellite Sisters and has her own podcast and blog, The Chaos Chronicles. I have previously mentioned them on this blog. Lian has written her first novel, Helen of Pasadena, and was in Dallas to promote the book. Her sister Julie, also a Satellite Sister, and known for her International News Round-Ups was there to promote Lian.  
Since I began listening to these ladies when they were on XM radio years ago, I know a lot about them. When they started podcasting, Becky began listening (after I showed her how to download a podcast). It was hard not to feel like stalkers when we knew so much about them, and they didn’t know anything about us. They were kind and didn’t let on if they were terrified of us. They even posed for a photo and looked happy. Right?  

Now when my daughter, Michelle, asks me “Mom, you do realize that these people don’t know you?”, I can honestly say, “Yes they do!” However, that might just mean they have a restraining order out on me.


  1. I am jealous. You and Becky look great! Tell me again when PW is coming to Dallas. I really want to go to that one.

  2. I do too, Joanie! And, Mom, I only tell you that when you refer to people by first name only, making me assume it's a close friend of yours I should know :).