Monday, January 10, 2011

Too Many Choices

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Remember when there was only one box of crayons with eight colors in it? Oh, those were the good old days. A blue was blue, a red was red, a yellow was yellow and so on.

Barry and I are trying to pick out paint colors for the new house. We have now purchased eighteen sample cans of paint. We were the only customers at Sherwin Williams yesterday. So if you would like to put a "happy" spin on this story, at least Sherwin Williams had a little business on a rainy, snowy day.

Our daughter-in-law, Shannon helped us Saturday then spent Sunday answering frantic text and phone calls from me.

By 9:00pm, Barry got tired and lost his patience. He said it didn't matter what color we chose, anything would look fine. I am putting that statement in print because he will deny saying it later when he is living with those colors.

I do need to add that I dropped paint drops on our driveway. Cleaning that up in freezing weather did not help Barry's attitude toward paint color. I play fair when it comes to calling each other out.

I am having a real Deja Vu about this blog. I am also nostalgic over those little boxes of eight crayons. Do they even make those anymore?


  1. I liked the colors you showed me. It's going to look great!

  2. Who knew there could be so many different bland, neutral colors.