Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What We Did Yesterday

Here is what the Briers did yesterday. We drove to Houston. We said "Hi" to Joanie and Jacob who were waiting to have their baby.

Then we waited with Ava and the Esparzas in the waiting room.

Fairly soon, Jacob appeared and Lucy had been delivered.

Everyone arrived and we figured we would be going in to see Lucy and Joanie and take a group picture like we did with Ava, Scarlett, and Ben. Then we would head out for an afternoon of rest and relaxation while Joanie and Jacob bonded with their new little one.

But then...because they keep the OR so darn cold, they decided that Lucy needed to go to the nursery to warm up for about an hour. ( which ended up being much longer. Those nurses must have felt they needed to tend to other patients and they didn't have a room for Joanie) So we stared through the window, but Lucy was in the last bed.

Michelle and Ava played with Marble Racers. Aunt Shannon provided Tootsie Roll Pops.

Ben and Miles played video games.

Brett worked via his phone.

The cousins played really well together.

Barry napped.

Then Brett and Scarlett slipped off and somehow got the nurses to let them into Joanie's room when they brought Lucy in. They were in there holding Lucy while the rest of us waited!

Scarlett seems to have inherited her father's talent of being the baby whisperer. Aunt Michelle was not too happy about Scarlett's ability to quiet Lucy down.

Ava had a great day but was really tired after becoming a big sister.

As soon as she got in her car seat she was out.

The star of the day has been bright eyed and bushy-tailed.


  1. So happy to have met baby Lucy and that she and Joanie are doing well. She is a cutie, already!

  2. Sorry I'm late getting here...nothing much going on to keep me away! :)

    Sounds so much like our experience I think we might have been able to write each other's blog posts! At least you had other grandchildren around to take pictures of while you waited. Congratulations to all on the delivery of the very beautiful Lucy!