Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Days Before Christmas-The Good, The Bad, and The Hideous- Part 1

This blog will be split into two parts. That should let you know right there it is probably too long.

Scarlett participated in her preschool program. She knew all the songs and should have received a Tony.
She was not even distracted by the little girl next to her with something under her nails or the little boy on the other side, who put a lot more into the songs than was chorographed.
Please stop taking pictures, Jama

All in all, it was precious.

Then Chris, Barry, Robin, and I held the annual clinic Christmas party. As per tradition, a Chinese Christmas Gift exchange was held.

Chris went over the rules.

Cory drew first and knew she would not get to keep her gift long.

Chris and Erin were proud owners of the Santa hat for awhile.

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  1. Looks fun! Scarlett is precious.

  2. Scarlett IS precious! And that's some kinda Santa hat there! :)