Friday, December 17, 2010

Step Away from the iPad

I have to admit when I first got my iPad, I wondered if I would even keep it.
My son, Brett, helped me get over the extravagance of it, and I began to enjoy it more. Now I need a self-help program to enable me to put the iPad down. I haven't accomplished much since getting it, except to learn more about its features and surf the web more.

Sometimes I do set it down. Then, Barry picks it up and uses it. After all, we are sharing it. The time ratio right now is about 90/10.

It's hard to describe the hold the iPad takes over you when you already have an iPhone and laptop that have the same functions and more. Too bad Apple has no idea who I am or what recommendations I am giving them. I am sure they would want to send me a free gift or something. Actually, all I need is the strength to walk away and do my chores.


  1. Oh, I want an iPad! I wouldn't begrudge Fred the time he spends on this computer if I had an iPad. It would be easier to manage my Etsy shop and to participate in more craft shows if it was easier to see my mobile credit card app, too. :)

    But my practical (cheap) side comes out and says that I'd really just spend hours playing games and posting on Facebook. What I think I need instead is a much less expensive e-reader.

  2. As a fellow iPad owner I know what you are going through mom! Don't worry about it. You are going through the natural course of using the iPad more and all your other products less. They still have their place, but the iPad....

    The iPad is a product that no one truly "needs" and yet we all want. Anyone interested should not view the cost analysis as there are very few in which the product is justified. You simply treat yourself to a product you will use all the time, not be able to give back, and all this while being unable to explain to anyone from the outside looking in why it is so awesome.

  3. Yes, I agree, those on the outside looking in can't understand it. Where have I heard something like that before? :-)