Friday, September 3, 2010

Yellowstone or Bust!

And the Winner Is....
There were only two entries in the Sonic Gift Card contest. Neither one of them got all the answers correct, but they both got 9 out of 10. I will post the answers later if anyone is interested. Brett Brier and Miles Schneider are the winners. They will each receive a gift card. I did not realize that these questions were so hard, but was informed that it took about an hour to research. Next time the contest will be much easier. 
We are in Yellowstone National Park. As I am typing this, a kind samaritan is helping Barry put air in a tire that we have going flat. Then Barry is loaning him our dump hose as his rental RV did not come with one. We have now traveled 1700 miles, and Barry tells me, I was thinking we needed new tires on the RV.” I am thinking maybe that should have happened before this trip. 
I am glad that we made it to the park as there is a place at the fishing bridge where we are staying that may be able to fix the tire, and if not, we have Good Sam’s Roadside and a few days for them to get here.
I am still uncomfortable about the bears. I just don’t know how the RV is going to keep them at bay. They may be very attracted to our Rice Krispie treats and pretzel M&M’s. (the verdict is still out on those for me) I think if we make it through our first night, I will feel better. 
Now if you have time, I would like to go back to the past few days. 
Wednesday, we decided to alter our route a little and go to Little Big Horn in Montana.
We visited the battlefield and saw the graves of the 7th Cavalry led by G.W. Custer. 
The Ranger talk was very informative and made one think about issues then and now. 
I could ask an essay question from that talk, but will spare you.
Thursday, we headed to Cody, Wyoming.  We checked into the RV park they told us we needed two nights to see Cody. However, I looked at everything and decided we could get it all seen. I think we hit the high spots. We went to the Buffalo Bill Historical Museum (and, yes, you probably could spend two days there, if you wanted). It is fabulous. We ate at the Irma Hotel (built by Buffalo Bill and named after his daughter).
We watched part of the gunfight (and that was enough). Then went to Dan Miller’s Cowboy Music Review.  
I know this is not an exciting post, and I do have pictures to post. But at the moment I have hacked in to some internet that had a lock on it. I am proud that I figured out the password-just like Lizbeth Salinger. (sp)


  1. Ooooh, are u reading those too. Somehow I didn't get that part but maybe you can clue me in.

  2. Look at you hacking into things! I am excited to see pictures. Have fun in Yellowstone. I am sure the bears will stay away. You do have your guard dog Bingo to protect you.

  3. I guess my entry to the contest was not counted.

  4. It was great speaking to you today! I was able to read this, but not comment, this weekend at the lake, and enjoyed sharing about your trip with the Schneiders.

    Can't believe "the verdict's still out" on the pretzel m&ms - they are fantastic...

  5. I have eaten a bag of pretzel m&m's now and
    have to say I like the original and
    peanut better. Torrow we will
    be in Denver and I will post
    a new blog.

  6. Chris I never received your entry. Did you send
    it to the correct email?