Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Giveaway #2

We met up with Bob and Mary for dinner Monday night.  On Tuesday, they went to see the sites we had already seen, and we met up for the evening program at Mount Rushmore. Today they are heading to the Badlands, and we are heading to Little Big Horn. We have internet here tonight, but are limited on uploads. I will try to post photos tomorrow. We will probably be entering the land of no internet soon. 
Giveaway #2
I was hoping to come upon some treasure from the Black Hills that everyone would want to possess. All that I saw that was interesting was Red Ass Rubarb Wine. I wasn’t sure that was something anyone would want, so I am sticking with the $5.00 gift card from Sonic. 
Here are the rules:
  1. Answer all ten questions correctly
  2. Send answers to my email to hide your answers. (but continue to comment on the  blog)
  3. All entries must be in by September 2 at 6:00pm CST.
  4. Winner will be chosen by a random draw of correct submissions 
  5. I will get your card to you when I return home.
Mount Rushmore Quiz
1.Why did the U.S. government remove the American Indians from the Black Hills and force them to live on reservations in 1876?
2.Who was the sculptor chosen to design and supervise the carving of Mount Rushmore?
3.Match the presidents with the history they represent at the memorial.

1. George Washington
a. the expansion of a nation
2. Thomas Jefferson
b.developement of a nation
3. Abraham Lincoln
  1. birth of a nation

4. Theodore Roosevelt
d.preservation of a nation
4.Work on Mount Rushmore began in 1927. How many years did it take to complete the project?
5.How many feet long is Washington’ nose?
6.Approx. how much did the project cost?
7.Who was the sculpture’s favorite president?
8.How many more faces will be carved into the mountain?
9.What did the workers do to relax?
10.a.Why was Theodore Roosevelt awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1906? 
     b.Why was Obama awarded the Noble Peace Prize?
Barry says it isn’t worth a drink or two at Sonic to answer these questions. (but he would participate, I know he would!)


  1. I will answer the quiz, but I do agree with Dad that an ipad or something like that would make all that learning a little more worth it. ;)

  2. I am very sorry I couldn't meet the deadline and participate in the giveaway. It's been a busy week. I need my mom to come home and help me! Just kidding... I am so glad y'all are having a fun, safe trip. Miss and love y'all.

  3. My day got away from me also as I planned to answer the quiz at my desk with wikipedia readily available. Oh well. Glad the trip is going well.

  4. I , of course know all the answers, even though we may disagree on whether or not they are correct. It's too much work to send them for a $5.00 gift card. I also would do it for an ipad.
    Have fun.

  5. Oh! I didn't know there was a deadline!! I started answering them and missed the deadline. Can I get an extension?

  6. I am also sorry that I did not make it to the quiz before the deadline. I am going to do the research and find out the answers, so not all is lost! Hope the trip is going great!

  7. As an iPad owner, and the only one to get my answers in on time... I would just say that you all sound very whiney with your excuses.