Monday, August 30, 2010

Crazy Horse and Bizarre Barry

Monday took us to the Crazy Horse Memorial. It's not  that Mount Rushmore isn't impressive, but this memorial is remarkable. When finished, all four faces of the presidents at Mount Rushmore will fit into Crazy Horses' face. Crazy Horse Monument - Carving the Mountain
Since I won’t see its completion in my lifetime, I want my grandkids to promise to go visit  it and take my great-grandchildren.  

Our day started off cloudy with a 50% chance of rain. I put on some long 
quick drying pants in case we got caught in the rain. Barry, my stylist, did not approve of my long pants, but I stuck with my decision.  I am depending on Barry for styling advice since I can only see my head in the RV mirror. I may have to rethink that though since yesterday I said something about Coco Chanel and he said, “Who is that”?

I also wanted to go back to yesterday and let you know that we did much more than just Mount Rushmore. We drove, and drove, and drove. There is a loop that is a very pretty drive. It is curvy, curvy, curvy, and you can go about 150 miles but really travel a 10 mile radius. We started with the top down on the jeep. Later in the day though at Custer State Park, the sun was beating down on us, and we had to put it up. 

We did see some wildlife at Custer State Park. Burrow, antelope, prairie dogs, and buffalo.
Today our friends Bob & Mary are coming into Hill, SD. We had hoped that the four of us would make this RV trip together, because they are fun and give me a lot to blog about. Actually, Barry gives me a lot too, but most of the time it is some bizarre comment and an individual comment is harder to blog about than the things that happen to Bob and Mary.  But, just for you, I am going to give you an example of today’s  “Barry’s Bizarre” comment. 
We were waiting for the bus to take us closer to the Crazy Horse Memorial. While we were sitting on the bench, I could tell Barry was looking at my face. I said “What are you looking at?” He said “I was looking at your eyes.” I thought to myself, he is going to say they look very blue, or green, or pretty in this light. (they can take on both colors)  Then he said (very nicely), “They are really hard to see. Maybe you should have your eyelids done.” 

The other bizarre part of this is that in a day or two, he will deny he ever said it. I really should just record him. Jewels emerge from him all day long. 
A giveaway is coming up...I am working on it. 

Your blogger,
Squinty-eyed Jan

Rebuttal:  I did not say "you need your eyes done".  What I said was, "In the bright light  your eyelids do not open  enough & your beautiful eyes do not show up well in pictures", and I mean "in this light".  Naturally Jan heard, you need plastic surgery.   BB


  1. Great pics. We'll be sure to take Ava and Dos to see the Crazy Horse.

  2. Ha ha ha! I am sure Dad didn't mean you needed to have your eyes done. I hope you meet up with Mary & Bob.

  3. Hope y'all had a good time with your buddies!

  4. When I got to this part I had to Post!
    This is my first destination when my dream starts. Also, I think The Satellite Sisters are my friends too! Ruth in Florida . . . for now.