Saturday, August 28, 2010

South Dakota!

Today my love affair with Nebraska ended. This was our view all day. 
I was bored, there was no 3G, which meant no internet, no Words with Friends, and no Oregon Trail. In a weak moment, I put the Oregon Trail app on my phone. It is the same game it was years ago-mindless fun.

We are now in South Dakota near Mount Rushmore ready for some site-seeing and relaxing. Here is the view from our campsite. 

There really isn’t anything more for today. 
However, Barry feels I have been unfair in my description of him on the blog so he has asked for some blogging time. I told him it was Travels with Barry. What did he expect?
I am going to give him rebuttal time, but don’t believe a word of what he says. 
Call me sensitive but I kind of feel like Papa Bearnstein Bear in Jan’s description of our travels.  Turnaround is fair play, right?  Here is the Poppy rebuttal:  Jama Bear drove some today.  Approximately 130 miles of the 1150 miles we have covered.  She too hit the grooves in the road a few times. (I was moving over so the car passing would not run into on coming traffic)  She has made me stop at 3 Walmarts in 3 days. (mutal decision) She makes me make reservations, which takes away some of what I like to call “the freedom of the road” that makes RVing appeal to me.  She makes me fill up the gas tank way before it nears empty (maybe not a bad thing).  And she downloaded a Katy Perry CD off itunes.  The lyrics would make most grandmothers cringe.  However, it is a good beat.  (that all is true)
 Now that we are in the Mt. Rushmore area we plan to stay 3-4 days & finally RELAX.  I have more but after 35 yrs of marriage, I don’t want a divorce.
PS-It is beautiful here


  1. Barry, I have found that good country music eases the pain brought on by Katy Perry's music! Maybe a Ryan Bingham tune would do the trick...

  2. So now you know what I was talking about with regard to my experience passing thru Nebraska...told ya it was boring!! But I agree, the Mt. Rushmore area is very beautiful. Did you drive thru the buffalo preserve?

  3. Having no idea who Katie perry was I went to iTunes only to find out that Shannon also owns some of her music. I am ashamed for both of you and may God have mercy on your sole.

  4. Love me some Katy Perry beats!

  5. Hey, try making that drive in the late '70s with no internet or iTunes, but yes, there were the road bumps. I made a BIG needlepoint Christmas stocking for Tonya. Poor Richard, he got a store-bought stocking...but oh well!

    Love hearing both of your perspectives, and Barry, unless things have changed a lot over the years, I highly recommend refueling when you get the chance, not when there's the need. :)

  6. Mom - Sharon has a great idea. You could get started on that stocking for Ava. Now baby girl #2 is going to need one as well!

    Dad- I like it when you post. You will have to do a guest blog at least every few days.