Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guess Where We Went Today

Here is your first clue:

Just like all the other tourist we stopped and took pictures starting at the parking lot until we were very close to the monument.

So since I have around 75 photos of Mount Rushmore, I am just going to show you my favorite one:

I had gone into the Visitors Center. I just happened to look out the large window to the Grandview Terrace on my way out.
Doesn't he just ask for a blog to be written about him?


  1. I can't believe how many people were there. How long did it take for all of the faces to be carved?

  2. Congrats! When I visited Mount Rushmore it was covered in clouds and all I saw was Washington's nose...and that's after waiting and waiting for the clouds to lift...but oh well...March is not a good time to visit SD.

  3. I will send you some of my 75-80 picutures of Mount Rushmore, Sharon. I don't want you to miss a thing.