Friday, December 14, 2012


Today was going to be my "come back" post. I have most of it written. Some of that post even contains reasons I don't write more on current events. That post will have to wait.

After the tragedy today in Connecticut, I didn't feel that a regular post was appropriate. I can't even fathom how someone could kill people in cold blood, especially children.

I have been retired from the MISD for many years. While I was there, we were required to have lock down drills. When the secret code was announced on the intercom, we turned off the lights and huddled the children in the corner, where we all sat in silence while administrators and police officers walked the halls to see how efficiently we could lock the whole school down. You could hear footsteps coming down the hall and then the door handle would jiggle. Then the footsteps would walk away.

I had spent time to prepare the children, so they knew what to expect and knew that all this was for their safety like a fire or tornado drill. They trusted that I would watch out for them and that they were safe with me.

I know that the staff of Sandy Hook Elementary would have done anything to save those children. I am so mad that another manic has taken the trust and innocence away from the children at the school. I am so sorrowful that families have lost their children and parents for no reason.

There is nothing that will make sense of this violent act. Just hold your children and loved ones. Never forget to tell them you love them. Let's all pray that 2013 will bring us a kinder, gentler world.


  1. I agree. Totally senseless and sad. I'm choosing not to watch the news coverage as I find it too upsetting. Heres to a much better 2013.

  2. Very well written post on a horrible tragedy. It makes me sick.