Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Gift


"Christmas Eve Gift." That is the way my father answered the phone every Christmas Eve morning when I called him. Strangely enough, I never asked why he said "Christmas Eve Gift!." It was just what he did. Of course, now that it is too late to ask him, I have begun to wonder where that greeting originated.

After a little research, a few theories of the meaning were brought to light. The greeting is prevalent mainly in the southern states. Most believe it became popular during the depression. Since people couldn't afford gifts, their gift was their friendship, love, and presence.

I can remember the joy on Dad's face as we shared Christmas Eve with his brother and family, mother, and sister (and, of course, later with us and his grandchildren!). When he was serving his country during World War II, he must have wondered if he would see his family again. So it only makes sense that when they were all reunited, he knew then and there that there was no greater gift in the world.

 There is so much during the holidays to get wrapped up in (no pun intended), and so much thought goes into finding that perfect gift. But, we always have the perfect gift with us, and it is the best gift to share with family and friends. Plus, we can give it all year long, and it lasts long after we are gone.



  1. Christmas Eve Gift!
    I loved hearing this tonight and reading about it now. I love and cherish my Christmas memories with grandad and grandmother!

  2. I have never heard of that tradition, but it makes perfect sense! Since I missed Christmas Eve....I'll say "Christmas Gift!" to you! :)

  3. Just read your post here and it was a lovely tribute to your dad. I miss my dad so much even tho he has been gone for 20 years this NYE. He loved Christmas so much. His favorite thing was going to Christmas Eve services at their church and taking his kids and grandkids. It warmed his heart so much to see us all together on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the post and the meaning behind it.