Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Responsibilities Take Time

The lack of new posts to this blog has been bothering me. However, I did notice that some of my other favorite bloggers have not been posting as regularly lately. I will just call it seasonal responsibilities.

First, there have been a lot of baseball games to watch. WooHoo, the Rangers are going to the World Series, AGAIN!  Nolan Ryan has predicted that the Rangers will win the series in six games. Go Rangers! Secondly, there have been a lot of new television shows to watch. JOE ON THE TUBE, won't you return and help us decide what is worth watching? Thirdly, there were more grandchildren to keep. Fun!

Brett and Shannon went out of town to a wedding, and we kept Ben and Scarlett. While Ben was at school, Scarlett and I spent Friday at the house playing with Bingo and crafting. 

Scarlett made a gift for her mother. There was a lot of glitter glue involved. I couldn't touch my camera because of it. Besides, you may recall, Scarlett does not like to be photographed.

Friday evening we went to the Casa Children's Theater. Disappointing. That's all I will say.

Saturday, we went to the Mansfield Arts and Music Festival. The face painters and balloon artists were very popular with these two. 

"Scarlett, let me take a picture of you with your flower balloon."
Balloon Artist
Aha! The face painter holds Scarlett in place for a photo.
A willing model.

Ben and his Fish Hat.

Then there was still time to play. 
More Fun

The rest of the weekend included playing, swimming (kids don't seem to mind cold water), golf, and more crafting. 

Bingo was so tired by Sunday night. Maybe his owner will take time to brush him now that she has less responsibility. Please excuse the little Rag-a Muffin. (PS-my hair did not look much better by Sunday)


  1. The other day at Ulta I watched as a mom asked her little girl what color nail polish she wanted. Pink AND Purple, of course! I'll bet when she got home she wanted a manicure just like Scarlett's.

  2. How fun! I sure do have some cute nieces and nephew!