Saturday, October 22, 2011


A week or so ago, my friend, Becky and I, were telling some other ladies about the blogs we read. One of the blogs we both enjoy is The Big Mama Blog. Although Big Mama is younger than us, we can still recall enough of our late thirties to relate to her experiences. Plus, she is a good writer. During this conversation, Becky revealed that Big Mama was much funnier than me. Ever since then, I have had a mild case of writer’s block. I can’t blame Becky, though, because I totally agree with her assessment. Big Mama is funnier and a better writer. But, I will not be deterred. "I am older and have more insurance." Name that movie!

Yesterday we took Ben and Scarlett to the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. This was the pre-show, so it was not crowded and there was lots of food. Two important criteria for any of my activities.
We had a lot of fun with the kids. We watched pilots doing preposterous stunts in their planes,

viewed helicopters, 

and toured the Orbis Eye Surgery plane. Ben and Scarlett piloted it for a few minutes.

 Then we were sent to the back. Apparently, grandfathers are not supposed to tell their grandchildren it is okay to take the controls and turn them. This Orbis team mainly teaches doctors in other countries how to do cataract surgery. They have a surgery center and screening room on the plane. They instruct the doctors how to do the surgery with instruments that are available in their country. (think razor blades, if those are the only affordable and available instruments)  A surgery that we take for granted nowadays is not available to most of the world. It is hard to fathom that so many people our age and younger might be unable to see the wonders around them.

We wouldn’t be able to watch the Air Force Thunderbirds fly at 1000 mph.

We wouldn’t be able to see them do this. Amazing!

More importantly, grandparents wouldn’t be able to spend days like this with their grand kids.

We wouldn’t see a granddad and his grandson look so cute together. 

We wouldn’t see a granddaughter in her Halloween costume. 

Or this one’s adorable smile.

Nor we would see our youngest daughter and her husband creatively announce that we have another grandchild on the way!

" I guess you already know that there are angels masquerading as people walking around this planet...." (yep, same movie)

 They help us see, they keep us laughing, and they love us. Appreciate them all. 


  1. What?!!! Michelle is pregnant?!

  2. Ah, but you have just enough funny and a whole lot of nice! Great pictures today, especially that last one. Congratulations! :)

  3. I wish everyone could experience wonderful things and have as wonderful a family as I do! Can't wait to add to the cute grandkid collection,

  4. Observation- you need to update your blog. Don't worry about being funny. Just be yourself.