Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can You Help My Flamingo?

A few weeks ago, I went to Canton for the first time. I never went in the past when all my friends were going, because I was working. They always went during the week, so there was no one to go with on the weekend. Also, I am not much of a shopper. I am sure Barry just had a gripping chest pain as I typed those words and doesn't even know why.

I admit, I do shop. But, I shop online or at certain stores that I can get in and out quickly. Going into a crowded store and looking at all the merchandise is overwhelming and claustrophobic for me. Even when I was young, I used to black out at Leonard's Department Store during the holidays. As I got older, I basically saw something on a mannequin, bought it, and went home.

The trip was fun, although it was not as fun as the photo on the Canton Trade Days website implies.
Have you ever seen such a cute, happy couple shopping at a trade day? Trust me, those two are not indicative to the average Canton shopper.

Our country club took a bus load of women (which is more representative to the average Canton shopper), so there were people there to guide me. My best purchase was, flamingos. My friend, Jorj, and I got the last three solar powered ones. (and we did look as happy as that couple above when we found them).

The flamingos have been living around the pool. This is their daytime look:

This is their nighttime look:

As we know, though, life is fragile. One night, a storm came through, and I had not put the flamingos under cover. Since then, only one flamingo's solar unit is working. While I am married to a wonderful veterinarian, I am not sure he can help this flamingo. So, if anyone has advice on solar units, flamingos, or about shopping, please leave me a comment.


  1. Gee, two more things that we have in common. I've also never been to Canton for pretty much the same reasons and I feel exactly the same about shopping (which annoys the heck out of my daughter).

    Wish I could help with the flamingo situation.

  2. Wait just a minute! Have a little faith in your vet. Now answer this question: do you want A bird or THIS bird? That's what I thought. I'll have turn run a few tests, maybe a flamingo scan. Will let you know the diagnosis & costs of repair soon.