Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Texas Ranger Pepitos

We have been in Surprise, Arizona several days now. About an hour after we checked in to the resort,  we met our friends C and E and headed to the Ranger Stadium. E is the optometrist for the Rangers. We drove to the team parking lot and E introduced himself to the police guards. . He said "I don't have my credentials yet, " and we said we're with him. But who wouldn't let these guys in?

Without the credentials, we ended up in the Ranger clubhouse.
Got pants? 

However a few days later with his credentials in hand, E found the senior citizen volunteers at the main gate tougher to get by.

"But I have credentials!"

As I feared our presence didn't bode well for the Rangers the first day. There was discussion on the mound. Hopefully, not about keeping us from attending games.

But the next day we headed to Maryvale and brought  them more luck.
To be honest their support came from the Chi Chi Gonzalez family. They were sitting in front of us. Since Chi Chi wasn't pitching, he was with his family. Because as his mom said"They need their family. " Before we all became BFFs, I had Barry sneak a photo of me and Chi Chi.

Shortly thereafter,  Chi Chi's mom, N, engaged us in conversation.  That's when we become BFFs. She's the players' cheerleader. The players are her Pepitos. Chi Chi shared his Kettle Korn with us, and the Rangers won. The Gonzalez family made their dinner plans ( forgetting to invite their new friends) and we all said good-bye.  The next morning C went to the clubhouse with E. Chi Chi saw her and came over to give her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Can we all just agree that Chi Chi needs to be the Ranger Poster player for 2016? He really is a sweetheart.  Saturday we sat with Mrs. Bannister.She was very pretty, nice, and fist pumped Barry when he called a home run. 

Here some photos of the Pepitos from the past few days.

Hopefully, Desmond will win that left field spot 

Fielder pondering where to hit that ball. 

"I'll just hit it out of the park", he decides. 

Pitchers showing their stuff.


Gallo had some big hits, but made a lot of fielding errors, so 
My verdict is still out on him. His mother was very nice, also.  

Everyday flyovers.

Darvish did a walk by.  

An observation- Thr Rangers are the only team that has everyone's name on their jersey.  
All the other teams just have names on their roster players' jerseys. 
Pretty nice of the Rangers. GoTexas Ranges! 


  1. I enjoyed the blog post & even learned something new. However, trying to post a comment is a PITA!

    1. I know! But I have no control over that.