Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Surprise! Eres Viejo

We are staying at an RV resort for Winter Snowbirds. . It's nice, has all the amenities, Pickle Ball, Tennis,

 a golf course, other things listed on stones We arrived and got set up. This is how I always feel when we are backing into a space.

Then, we headed to the check-in. We were presented the rules. It took Barry about 24 hours to get over that list. Basically, the rules are probably the same as in your community, the ones that keep your neighborhood attractive. But, seeing the pages long document all at once, in print, almost sent Barry over the edge.
The lady at the receptionist desk then asked for an emergency contact. That in itself was not unusual. It was when she added, " We have found people dead in their RV before and did not know who to contact", that we were a little taken aback. She then went on to point out all the Urgent Care facilities in the area. Lady! How old do we look?

I should have noticed that the activity stone resembled a tombstone. 

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  1. What a nice place! That does totally look like a tombstone, too!