Friday, February 1, 2013

Media Monday on Friday

I have my new cast on, and I think I am less able to do fine motor tasks then previously with the huge bandage.  So, I won't be too wordy. Good news for you!  

I must comment on a few shows as you all know, television is my love.

The Following-If you are not watching, why not?

Have you been watching this show on FOX?  It is SCARY! I love it.  You know something is coming yet I have almost jumped off the couch every show. There have only been two or three shows so you can catch up.

Smash comes back February 5th.  Broadway talent in your living room.  You can watch past full episodes here.

Downton Abbey-

Oh My!  I don't want to say too much, but when Maggie Smith was walking into Downton and had to stop to collect herself, I lost it. I have seen my mother and grandmother do that exact same thing.  Brokenhearted, yet, they must be strong.

Don't watch this if you are not caught up.


  1. The Following is amazing! Just too good for words. I can't wait for the next episode every week.

    And of course Downton Abby is the best thing on TV hands down.

  2. Looks like I need to follow The Following trend...