Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sometimes Life Gets In the Way of Blogging

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind around here. After we got home from Houston, I awoke Tuesday morning with a killer virus. That afternoon, Michelle called to tell me her blood pressure had gone up that morning. Her doctor made her come in immediately, began testing her for preeclampsia, and sent her home to bed for the rest of the week. Although Michelle was upset, all I could do was tell her to follow her doctors orders. I texted her sister, Joanie, to call her, and then continued to be sick.

Needless to say, I recovered, and was able to go with Michelle to her doctor's appointment for the "verdict".  Yes, she does have preeclampsia, and she is on bed rest until the baby is born. The baby is doing well, and Michelle, is doing better now that she is off her feet.

As Michelle began feeling better and wrapped her head around her fate for the next several weeks, Miles and I had to laugh. At first she was very resistant to let anyone do anything for her. Then, as she started to get more used to it, she began assigning us volunteers jobs. I think she realized she could get us to do things that she didn't really want to do at all (like clean out the refrigerator).

Michelle is actually very sad about not being there for her students and her fellow teachers. But, sometimes we come to those paths in the road we didn't plan on taking, but must go down. Who knows where they will take us and what we might encounter on the way?  We may find new adventures and ways of making our way through life we never imagined. We may also find that those around us bring more to our lives than we allowed them to beforehand.


  1. And she'll be all rested up for when the baby gets here! Glad you're well now!

  2. Sending good thoughts to the Brier's and their family members! I know this is a tough time for all including Jamma and Poppy! It's extra tough when our kids hit a rough patch! Glad Michelle is 'settling in' to the bed rest thing! It doesn't have to be a bad thing, as I see she has realized!
    Love and prayers!

  3. Your help has been so amazing! I only delegate jobs to keep my sanity. :)