Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Golf Group

We have a group of friends that we golf with once a month. They have been giving me a hard time (well, Jorj has been giving me a hard time) that I  never write about them on my blog. It is a little hard to take photographs and golf and the same time.

So, when Priscilla and Warren invited us out to their place, I knew I would have some time to take a few photographs. Here is the gang in beautiful Waxahachie.

Robert, Terri, Kerry, Beth, Barry, Jan, Jorj, Mike, Linda, Andy, Linda, Warren

There also happened to be four people celebrating a March birthday, so a birthday cake was thrown into the mix. Priscilla provided the Krispie Kreme hats, but no Krispie Kreme doughnuts. That was just rude, Priscilla.

Happy Birthday, Warren, Beth, Mike, Andy

The birthday cake did have the largest candles ever on it. But, the candle second from the left was a dud. It had no wick. Trust me, there were several people who had opinions on how to get to the wick. Finally, the candle was just cut up and but there was no wick. It probably cannot be returned now.

By the time we lost the good light outside, everyone decided they wanted to have their photograph made. These people exasperate my photographic skills. (But in their defense, it doesn't take much to do that)

Priscilla had a ladder that her father had made that she wanted in every photograph. I should have just taken a photograph of the ladder for her. (A little side note here. Priscilla also has a golf photo book where she has photographs of everyone with whom they have golfed. Guess who is NOT in the book. Barry and I. Yet, she takes great pride in showing me this book. )

Here are the host and hostess, Warren and Priscilla. Priscilla looks nice, doesn't she. Don't turn your back on her. She will put banana peels or water on your golf cart seat, rocks in your camera bag, or stuff your car full of trash. 

Terri and Robert's youngest is away at college. Don't they look happy having all the kids out of the house?
Terry is also in charge of organizing the group's golf outings. Bless her heart. 

Beth is the best at helping Terry keep us organized. Kerry and Beth like all of us because we are "nice".  Beth, have you met Priscilla? Are you in her photo book?  Kerry is a great golfer, quietly takes our money each month, and puts up with us all.

This is Jorj and Mike. Jorj, here's your chance to be on the blog! Turn around!

 Ahh, much better. Aren't they sweet?

Then, it was our turn. Priscilla offered to take our picture. I refused because last time I gave Priscilla my camera there were several pictures of my butt.  Priscilla will be receiving a copy of this photo for her Golf Book. 

 Next up was the always fun and photogenic, Andy and Linda. Andy and Barry are the resident magicians of the group. Linda is the beauty queen. 

One couple, Mike and Ellen, couldn't make it that evening.  It will give me something to write about later. 

That is the monthly golf group in a nutshell. Speaking of NUTS.  Sometimes, that is how things end up.