Monday, January 7, 2013

A Head Full Of Cotton and the Game

This weekend I was down with whatever that head virus is that is going around. Every child and grandchild seem determined to give it to every adult. Barry was terrific and let me rest. He just handled everything. Who is this man?

But Saturday night, we, of course, watched this.

I never went to A&M but have paid for three children to go there, so I feel I have the right to call myself an Aggie too. Especially when they are winning.

I also never approach an Aggie game with a sense of "We have this". So I was worried if Johnny had been practicing enough. Was anyone suffering from this head stuff?   Just so many concerns running through my stuffed up head.

 I am not a Bob Stoops fan.  I have watched him on the sidelines. He is in the referees' faces a lot and does a lot of this-

like he just doesn't know what is going on or why that just happened. If I was his team, that would not instill a lot of confidence in me. 

Plus, I am no stylist, but that sweatshirt was the worst. Maybe it was his lucky sweatshirt but, as soon as he came on the field, I said to Barry "Where did he get that sweatshirt?" 

It was a great year for A&M. That hasn't happened a lot, so haters, let Johnny and the team have some fun.

But Johnny, don't do anything stupid. I know you are only twenty, hopefully, you have some people in your camp that are keeping your head straight and you out of trouble. 


  1. I have many nieces and nephews who went to A & M, so I feel a need to pull for them during football season. And I am trying to ward off this head stuff...not full force yet, but I am downing the Airbourne like mad and washing my hands every two seconds. The boys are here today, so it will probably go 'round again!! :(

    Happy New Year, BrierPatch!

  2. Johnny Manziel is awesome! What a game :).

  3. It was a great game. Although, I think it was Friday. :) I hope you are feeling better.

  4. That husband of yours sounds "GREAT"! I heard a rumor he is starting to get that cold. So pamper him. And, oh yes...GIG EM AGGIES!